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We begin with meaningful
team interactions


As a manager, routine meetings help keep track of the progress achieved by you, your employees, and what those people are doing. Too much to remember? ManageLabs will not only remind you when it’s time to check in, but will also prompt you with content to have more meaningful conversations.


Many platforms that help manage employees focus on employees that are underperforming, but ManageLabs also emphasizes employees that are doing a good job and helps you commit to increased praise for the people that are creating value for the company.

Small Levers

Small rewards can be a useful motivational tool for employees, but have you ever forgotten who you’ve rewarded or how often you’ve  rewarded them? ManageLabs enables you to schedule your small lever usage so they are easy to keep track of and your employees feel appreciated and motivated.
Next, we offload
routine administrative work

Daily Briefing

You've tried lists, sticky notes, calendar reminders. . . you name it, but you still have trouble staying on top of everything. To make things easier, we’ll send you a daily briefing in the form of an email so that you can get a start on your day one step ahead of everything.


Continuous growth is a familiar term, but may have lost its meaning from overuse. ManageLabs’ SMART goals tracker will help this term become tangible again so that you and your employees achieve more.

Big Levers

You’re always struggling to keep track of raises, promotions, and bonuses, but organizing all this data is taking you more time than it’s worth. We have a system that takes time off your hands and intelligently tells you what you need to know when you need to know it.
Micro Learning
Along the way, managers learn skills through micro-lessons


With ManageLabs, you have a personal coach to help you strengthen your skills as a manager and to help you grow by using micro-learning strategies. You have access to personalized help from management experts and a vast database of articles, books, videos, and podcasts to help you grow.
Throughout the process we
provide managers with
advanced intuitions about their teams


Most platforms that claim to help organize your information are really just places where your data goes to die, never to be accessed again. ManageLabs is quite the contrary. We use the unstructured data that each manager enters to create reports that are both useful and timely.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an application that did more than return the information that you put in? ManageLabs takes disparate information from a variety of sources and brings it together in insightful ways that help managers see things that they would otherwise miss.

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