Steve Walker


Steve Walker is the founder of multiple successful and international technology companies. ManageLabs is his newest enterprise. He started off life as a network engineer and founded his first company, Cobaltix, in 2003. Steve studied international economics at UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and American University as a graduate. He is known around the world as an esteemed lecturer and the author of Where the Crazy People Swim, based on his experiences as a cold-water ultramarathon swimmer who hazards jellyfish stings and ocean currents.

Andreea Bryan


Andreea Bryan is the CTO at ManageLabs. She leads a bi-continental team of software developers and plays a key role in decisions surrounding functionality and product path as well as managing QA, delivery, and customer support. She received her bachelor’s in software development from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology  and is also a co-founder of SA935, LLC (a software consulting firm). Outside of work, Andreea loves going to rock concerts with her husband, Mark, and walking her dog, Indy, around San Francisco.

Matthew Williams

Chief Scientist

Matthew Williams is the Chief Scientist at ManageLabs. He works on the underlying AI architecture, product design, management, & marketing, and content writing. Matthew has authored three papers about solar energy and data analytics, has applied for or been awarded nine patents, and has an Erdős number of five. Matthew is known for swimming marathons in the San Francisco Bay. He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from West Virginia University and his master’s degree in statistics from Columbia University.

Mark Mauro

Lead Storyteller

Mark Mauro is the Lead Storyteller & Business Developer at ManageLabs. He develops relationships with potential clients, oversees marketing initiatives, and guides product development to meet clients’ evolving need. Both on and off the job you will find him with a menagerie of caffeinated craft beverages while he strikes up conversations that cultivate long-term relationships. He received a bachelor’s degree in public relations with a minor in psychology and has worked as a business leader in the start-up and enterprise space since 2000.

Nicholas Stephan

Chief Design Officer

Nicholas Stephan is the Chief Starving Artist at ManageLabs. He simultaneously directs the development of our UI, UX, and design, and oversees people who implement his designs. In past years, he’s worked as a developer and designer for large, enterprise clients, but most enjoys the fast pace and innovative environment of the startup world. You can usually find him in the coffee shops of San Francisco conspiring with fellow enthusiasts about the latest open-source web frameworks, 3D video production techniques, or game development tools.

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